Shragh Wind Farm application to ABP refused in full!

Shragh Wind Farm application to ABP was refused in full!!!!!! Inspectors report can be downloaded here. Three main reason listed in report are -

  1. Contrary to the provisions of the Clare Wind Energy Strategy by virtue of excessive scale and proximity to existing turbines and would, if permitted, result in an excessive concentration of development in one part of the county and outside of the areas identified as Strategic.
  2. Location in relation to a significant number of residential properties, the settlement of Doonbeg including the Doonbeg Golf Club and Resort, it is considered that the proposed development would seriously injure the amenities of the area, by reason of visual intrusion and overbearing visual impact, and would seriously detract from the tourism resources of the area.
  3. Doonbeg River, freshwater Pearl mussel—- and that the Bord was not safisfied that the proposed drainage system would not constitute a serious risk of water pollution in the sensitive river system.

We strongly recommend that you read the full Inspectors report in the interest of establishing the key issues to address when fighting a case.

Its been a long 3 years-and an expensive one since this first appeared in the papers in June 2010 -but not to have challenged the application would have been a disaster.

The application was a Strategic Infrastructure Development for 45 turbines at a of 126m.